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Encounters with Wildlife: Al’s Rural Adventures

In the video titled “Living Off Grid for 46 Years | Al and his Hydroelectric Water Wheel,” DiegoTriesHard meets with Al, an 82-year-old who has been living off the grid in rural Washington state for over four decades. The video highlights Al’s sustainable lifestyle, which is powered by a combination of solar energy, his hydroelectric water wheel, and a backup generator. Al takes DiegoTriesHard on a tour of his property, showcasing his unique and custom-built outbuildings, including a sauna cabin. They also hike to the highest point of Al’s land to get a breathtaking view of Mount St. Helens and discuss the volcanic eruption that occurred in 1980. Throughout their conversation, Al mentions various aspects of his self-reliant lifestyle, from fishing and wildlife sightings to using fresh spring water and relying on wood for cooking and heat. He expresses his gratitude for living in a secluded area and shares his aversion to visiting the town. The video offers an intimate look into Al’s off-grid living experience, highlighting his resourcefulness and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Al’s Rural Adventures

Off the Grid Living

Living off the grid is a unique lifestyle that not many people have the opportunity to experience. Meet Al, an 82-year-old rural resident who has been living off the grid for an incredible 46 years. Al’s commitment to this lifestyle is truly inspiring. Unlike most people, he embraces minimal use of electronics and relies heavily on wood for heating and cooking. Al believes in the simplicity of off-grid living, and his experience showcases the beauty and challenges of this lifestyle.

Power Generation: Solar, Hydroelectric, and Backup

One of the key aspects of off-grid living is generating your own power. Al has found an innovative solution by combining solar power, hydroelectricity, and a backup generator. His solar panels harness the energy of the sun during the day, providing a sustainable and reliable source of electricity. Additionally, Al has constructed a hydroelectric water wheel that generates power by utilizing the natural flow of a nearby stream. Despite its benefits, the water wheel has presented some challenges, but Al’s resourcefulness and determination have allowed him to overcome these obstacles. And as a backup measure, he has a generator in case of emergencies or low power generation.

Encounters with Wildlife: From Fish to Bears, Als Rural Adventures

Custom-Built Outbuildings

Walking through Al’s property, you can’t help but notice the unique and carefully crafted outbuildings. From a cozy sauna cabin to a spacious workshop, each structure has been custom-built to suit Al’s specific needs. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every corner. Al takes pride in his ability to design and construct these buildings, showcasing his skills as a DIY enthusiast. It’s clear that Al has transformed his property into a personalized haven, tailored to his individual lifestyle.

Hydroelectric Water Wheel Refurbishment

The hydroelectric water wheel is a vital component of Al’s power generation system. However, like any machinery, it requires regular maintenance and occasional refurbishment. Al recently embarked on a project to rebuild and refurbish the water wheel, ensuring its optimal performance. Throughout this process, he encountered various challenges, such as sourcing the right materials and overcoming technical difficulties. But with determination and the assistance of his friend, DiegoTriesHard, Al successfully completed the refurbishment. His dedication to self-sufficiency and sustainable energy is truly remarkable.

Hiking to Mt St Helens: Eruption Discussion

Al’s 40-acre property offers breathtaking views of Mt St Helens, a volcano famous for its catastrophic eruption in 1980. Al loves hiking to the summit of the mountain, not only for the stunning scenery but also for the engaging discussions he has with fellow nature enthusiasts. As they make their way up, they often reflect on the devastating effects of the eruption and how nature has reclaimed the area, showcasing the resilience of our planet. Al’s firsthand accounts and knowledge contribute to a fascinating and educational experience for those who join him on these hikes.

Daily Energy Consumption and Sustainability

Living off the grid requires careful management of energy consumption. Al diligently monitors his daily energy usage to ensure sustainability and efficient resource management. His solar panels play a crucial role in powering his home, while propane tanks provide fuel for heating and cooking. Al recognizes the importance of minimizing his environmental impact and has implemented several strategies to achieve this goal. His commitment to sustainable living is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to others.

Encounters with Wildlife: Fish, Beavers, Mink, Otters, Kingfishers, Blue Heron, Bears, and Cougars

Al’s rural oasis is teeming with wildlife, providing him with countless opportunities to observe and appreciate nature’s wonders. Al has become acquainted with various fish species that inhabit the streams surrounding his property. The sight of cutthroat trout gracefully swimming upstream never fails to captivate him. Additionally, Al has had memorable encounters with beavers, mink, and otters, observing their playful antics and appreciating their importance in the ecosystem. The presence of majestic birds such as kingfishers and blue heron adds to the enchanting wildlife experience. However, Al is aware that coexisting with wildlife also comes with its risks, as he occasionally encounters bears and possibly even cougars. Despite these encounters, he remains respectful and cautious, understanding the delicate balance between humans and wildlife.

Encounters with Wildlife: From Fish to Bears, Als Rural Adventures

Reliance on Fresh Spring Water and Winter Pond

Water is a precious resource, and Al relies on nature’s provisions to meet his needs. A gravity-fed system delivers fresh drinking water from a natural spring, ensuring a constant supply throughout the year. This reliable source allows Al to stay hydrated and maintain his self-sufficient lifestyle. Another valuable water asset is the winter pond. During the colder months, the pond provides an essential source for water storage, further enhancing Al’s ability to sustain himself off the grid. The harmony between Al and the water sources on his property highlights the interconnectedness of human existence and the natural world.

Exploring the Mountains

Al’s passion for the great outdoors extends beyond his immediate surroundings. Exploring the nearby mountains is an integral part of his rural adventures. The rugged terrain and breathtaking vistas draw him in, constantly fueling his desire for exploration. Through his expeditions, Al has witnessed the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature firsthand. He has climbed challenging peaks, traversed scenic trails, and marveled at pristine alpine landscapes. The mountains offer Al a sense of freedom and tranquility, reminding him of the vastness of our planet and the importance of preserving its wonders for future generations.


As we come to the end of our journey through Al’s rural adventures, we express our gratitude for the opportunity to visit his remarkable off-grid homestead. Al’s dedication to sustainable living, resourcefulness, and love for nature are truly inspiring. We eagerly anticipate the video capturing Al’s experiences, allowing us to share in the wonder and beauty of his world. Whether through his power generation solutions, encounters with wildlife, or exploration of the mountains, Al’s life is a testament to the rewards that come with embracing a simpler and more harmonious way of living off the grid.

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